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Zack Fair
5 June 1985
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Zack is, or was, a SOLDIER, an elite warrior of the ShinRa Electric Power Company. Working his way up through the ranks, he earned the position of First Class, able to work alongside SOLDIERs such as Sephiroth. He normally wields the massive broadsword, the Buster, an heirloom given to him by his mentor, Angeal. Canon-wise, his last mission was to Nibelheim, to take care of monsters developing within a Mako reactor. The mission was something of a disaster, and he, along with Cloud Strife (a regular army grunt at the time) were taken into custody for experimentation. It took five years of waiting and watching, but Zack managed to escape with Cloud in tow, only to die just before reaching the city.

Zack's personality can be summed up very easily: he's a puppy. Easily excitable, hard to get down, serious only when the situation demands, and loyal to the very end. He's a very emotional character, never really holding back what he's feeling. He's not ashamed to cry with people he cares about, and he definitely would never criticize anyone for doing the same. He's quite an empathic type; more than anything, he loves people, and he pretty much just wants everyone to get along. He's also painfully aware that that's not always possible, but it's never stopped him from trying.

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