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[Voice / Action]

Hey there, Luceti! Name's Zack. Just wanna toss in the usual mention to newcomers that the local bar, Good Spirits, is in the plaza, and it's pretty much always open if you're in need of a little something to take the edge off. We serve more than booze, so don't worry if you're underage. I run the place, along with Shizuo and the lovely ladies Buffy and Meryl. Feel free to stop by anytime!

[Filtered to Haruhi]

Just checking in to see if you've got the details for the Brave Vesperia job. Yuri's back, so he'll probably be taking over soon, but I figure I may as well handle this one first.

[AND WITH THAT DONE... Since Cloud's arrival, Zack has been giving some serious thought to his weaponry. With Cloud trying to stake his claim on the Buster sword, and Zack needing some way to break the tension, it's probably about time to make a peace offering. First things first, though- he heads over to the weapon shop to visit a blacksmith. After that, he'll head to Cloud's apartment, Buster sword in hand.

Feel free to bump into him wherever! Alternatively, use this as a mingling bar post. IT IS QUITE OPEN I SAY.]
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[Voice / Action]

[Filtered to Brave Vesperia]

Hey, Brave Vesperia members- Zack here. I know that Estelle talked about disbanding the guild, but I think there's still a need for what we were here to do for the village. Karol left us all betters, and I got the feeling that disbanding isn't what he would've wanted. Maybe I'm wrong, but... it just doesn't feel like it.

Either way, I want to keep the group running, and I know I'm not the only one, either.

If you disagree and wanna bow out, that's fine- no hard feelings or anything. Just let me know which of you are going to stick around, so we can update the roster.

For everybody staying in the guild, we've got a commission job from the SOS Brigade! So keep your eyes peeled for the details, and I'll try to get them ASAP.

[Filtered to Lightning]

Light! Wanna meet in the Battle Dome this afternoon? Got a little surprise for you.

[Today (aside from, hopefully, a bit of afternoon fun with a certain lovely lady) Zack will be hanging out around Good Spirits, mostly, either working at the bar as usual or chilling outside, trying to teach the most wretched looking dog ever to live (AKA "Just Dog") how to fetch. And probably failing miserably. Why won't his dogs ever fetch 8| This is obviously Daisy's fault.]

[[ooc: AND AND AND guys you don't have to do a thread with Zack if you don't want to or would rather leave it assumed, but either way PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everyone comment OVER HERE to say who is staying in BV. I'll have an ongoing roster for a while and announce it a few times, too. I don't want anyone to get accidentally kicked. Thank you!]]
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[Voice / Action]

Hey, everyone, ears here!

I'm thinking that Good Spirits could really use some new options for what we serve here. Best way to keep a place alive is to stir things up, right? So I had a thought- I bet lots of worlds out there have different drinks that you can't find anywhere else, really unique mixes. Hell, even Luceti has a few now, right? Like Going Merry.

So basically I'd like it if we could get some drinks from other worlds mixed here! It doesn't have to be alcohol, either, anything's good. We can serve all kinds of stuff!

[Sup, world, guess who's trying to distract himself from his suddenly-missing co-worker? You should totally come to visit the bar and help out. ...Oh, and the bar menu really does need an expansion, so there's that, too.

And if the bar isn't what floats your boat, feel free to run into Zack on his way to or from Good Spirits, too.]
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[Voice / Action] backdated a bit to the 13th. Action can be the 14th as well though.

Hey, Aerith! I think you owe me a story about Wall Market, huh? It's way overdue, even. I hope you're not hiding it on purpose!

...Oh, and while you're- actually, nevermind. I still want that story, though! You promised!

[Serious business can wait until they meet in person, anyway. It's better that way.]

Never thought I'd be so happy to see a heat wave hit this place. I'm just glad to say goodbye to the rain. I've had enough of that to last a couple of months at the very least.

[Action-wise, Zack is out and about around the house during the day, relaxing and getting used to not cleaving things in two when startled. It's amazing how dramatically one's behaviour can change in war. Still, it's been long enough, and he's cool enough with his state of mind to get back to work. Thus, the next few days he'll be spending his evenings at Good Spirits, feeling - once again - right at home. Bother him at will, as usual.

And later that day...]

Hey, Shizuo! When the heck are you coming back to work? You've missed like three weeks worth of shifts already!
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[Voice / Action]

Never a dull moment in this place, huh.

Well, the bar's still open! Don't try to drown your sorrows or anything though, okay? That's no way to deal with what just happened.

[Locked to Buffy and Meryl]

Hey Buffy, Meryl, got a question. There's a guy who came to Luceti a few months ago, Shizuo- he fell on the fountain, if you were around for that. He wants to work at the bar, and I said it'd be okay if he worked during my shifts. If you guys don't mind, I mean- let me know if it's a problem.

[Locked to Shizuo]

Hey, Shizuo, feel like working tonight? I'd like to talk.

[Zack'll be chilling out in Good Spirits for a good chunk of today, and he's really looking to socialize for a distraction, so COME SOCIALIZE. Yes.]
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[Voice / Action]

Is there really nothing we can do except wait while people are out on these drafts? I hate not being able to help like this. It's so... [Depressing? Disheartening? WORRISOME AS HELL? Yeah, all of the above.] ...Man. I just-

[There's a sudden clatter and a startled, "whoa!" before a prolonged pause.]

...Huh? What are you doing here...? Hey!

[The journal is suddenly knocked over by a flash of movement and the sound of a pot breaking on the floor of the flower shop, cutting the entry off. It probably looks/sounds like a kidnapping, but surprise! It's not. Zack will be out and about in the village for the rest of the day, in three main locations- the plaza, Good Spirits, and then back to community building 4 to go check on Lightning's roommate, Hope. Since misery loves company, or something.

And wherever he goes, he's being followed by a winged wolf. He seems pretty unbothered by this fact, though he doesn't exactly give the wolf a lot of attention. It's a bit weird 8|a]
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[Voice / Action]

Man, everything gets pretty crazy when these experiment-things happen, doesn't it? ....oh well.

Hey, out there! Anybody who actually knows how to fly- got any advice? How do you do it? Magic, wings, a bit of both? I'd really appreciate the help!

[Zack woke up different this morning- not to the same degree as nearly everyone else, it seems, but enough to notice pretty damn fast. Getting changed was an adventure of yelping, flailing, and finally getting himself a pair of scissors to do some surgery on his shirt- because he woke up with a pair of very different white wings stuck to one side of his back.

It's not a bad change, mind you- after dealing with Angeal and Genesis for as long as he did, he'd begun to envy their wings and ability to fly the way they did, even if they were horribly unfair about their expectations of people 8| So after giving it some thought, there was really only one thing to do:


Thus, he will spend the majority of the day learning to flap his new wings, jumping off rooftops, baffling over how the hell Angeal and Genesis balanced themselves in the air with such one-sided wings.

...Oh, and faceplanting in the snow. He'll do a lot of that. Thank goodness for durable SOLDIER bones, eh?]
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[Voice / Action] Fourth Waaaaaall.

So does this mean that "New Feather" cycle's started up again? It's been a few months, so I guess it works. Weird about the no-wings thing, though.

The whole journal system is looking pretty busy, but if anyone's looking for an escape, I'm gonna spend the day at Good Spirits, so if it's okay with everybody else, I'll just open it early this morning. I need more practice anyway.

[True to his word, Zack'll be at Good Spirits for the day, either practicing his mixes behind the counter or chilling out and watching the chaos outside.]